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Abstract submission Guidelines:


  • Registration is mandatory for abstract submission
  • Summaries of new, ongoing and updated research (Original work, Case report, hypothesis, good quality review, preliminary data, and thesis work) will be acceptable for submission and presentation.
  • Abstract must be organized into the following fields:
    • Abstract Title
    • Abstract Category
    • Name of Presenting Author
    • Presenting Author Email ID:
    • Co-Authors
    • Institute Name & City
    • Objective
    • Materials and methods
    • Result
    • Conclusion
  • Abstract Must be submitted under below categories:
    • Acute and Chronic Complications of Diabetes
    • Thyroid Disorder
    • Obesity
    • Foot Care—Lower Extremities
    • Clinical Diabetes/Therapeutics
    • Pediatrics— Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
    • Epidemiology & Genetics of known /rare complications of Metabolic Disease
    • Immunology/Pancreas Transplant or Islet cell transplant
    • Diabetes and Depression
    • Technology and Metabolic Disease
    • Covid 19 & Metabolic disease
    • Interesting case studies related to Metabolic Disease
    • Nutrition as Primary treatment of Metabolic Disease
    • Diabetes and Technology
    • Other

The abstract must be submitted only through Conference Website

  • Abstract to be submitted in word Format.
  • It is Mandatory to mention your Registration Number while submitting the Abstract.
  • It is Mandatory to submit duly filled undertaking form along with your Abstract. (Click Here)
  • Each author can submit ONLY ONE Abstract as the PRESENTING author.
  • Inappropriately structured or incomplete abstracts will not be accepted.
  • An abstract may not contain any illustrations, images. One table can be submitted if crucial to judge the quality of abstract.
  • Presenting author to be highlighted in bold and underline.
  • The Scientific committee will evaluate the submitted abstracts and select for the poster or oral presentations.
  • The abstract author will be notified by email about its acceptance and other details.
  • Accepted presenters must adhere to deadlines and guidelines, and they must promptly respond to communication.
  • It is highly recommended that you use TIMES NEW ROMAN font with 12 size.
  • Logos, (College/Institute Name) company names or any commercial references are not permitted.
  • Substitute symbols for words -- ,” % is better than “percentage,” etc.
  • Abbreviate where possible without creating confusion.
  • Avoid underlines, excessive grid rulings, and unnecessary outlines.
  • The Abstract written should not exceed 2500 words

(For Any query - email: or Contact Dr Vishal Shah: +91 9924207969 or 9586836069)