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Swasthya Diabetes Care is committed to bring world class expertise to medical and paramedical practitioners to reduce the burden of diabetes and its complications through various academic activities. Swasthya Diabetes Care has been recognized by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as “Centre of Excellence in Diabetes Care” and “Centre of Education”.

After the grand success of “SwasthyaCON 2022”, we announce SwasthyaCON 2023 (International Conference on Metabolic Disease).

The theme for SwasthyaCON 2023 will be “Learning By Sharing.” Like each SwasthyaCON conference, this year also we would like to do NEW & UNIQUE things.

During SwasthyaCON 2023, we will also discuss innovations in diabetes management, difficult to manage cases, open discussion forums, debates on controversial topics and a lot more activities by the best-in-class speakers across the India and globe.

We look forward to host you at the “SwasthyaCON 2023” on 6th to 8th January (Friday – Saturday – Sunday) 2023, at Ahmedabad (physical).

SwasthyaCON 2023 Conference Highlights

  • Diet & Lifestyle Symposia
  • Diabetes Management: A Multidisciplinary approach
  • Management of Borderline Hyperuricemia, Hypertension, Hypothyroid
  • Changes in Sugar / Hyperglycaemia pattern during various phases of pregnancy
  • The current Description and future need for Multidisciplinary PCOS Clinics
  • Fluctuations in Blood Sugar in relation to menstrual cycle in Type 1 Diabetes Children
  • Bridging the gap for patients with Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease through Cardio Metabolic Collaboration
  • Macronutrients, Inflammation and Insulin Resistance
  • Management of Diabetes and Hyperglycaemic condition in Hospital – A team based approach
  • Developing a prototype for intefrated dental and diabetes care: understanding needs and Priorities
  • Recurrent UTI Management in Type 2 DM patients
  • Managing Glycaemic Excursions and Insulin dose in patients on Dialysis
  • Multidisciplinary approach for preventing Glycaemic Variability in T2 DM patients
  • Diabetes Free Generation – Hope and Scope
  • Using Social Media beyond Chit-chats
  • Common Mistakes made by Diabetes Care team in managing patients
  • Training, Education and Further Development Opportunities for a Diabetes Care Team

SwasthyaCON 2023 Debates and Workshops

  • Topics of Special Interest: Cyber security for Doctors; Financial Mistakes by Doctors
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